A sustainable early stage investing model

The Future Fund is an early and growth stage investor in leading global technology companies. We invest in the most ambitious entrepreneurs building market leading companies, with the passion and ability to execute.

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We target globally scalable marketplaces, platforms and software (SaaS) that can generate a minimum of 5x and have the potential for more than 10x.

Every investment we plan is based on two critical factors: the economic impact, as well as the social impact; the propensity for it to scale across Africa, create employment, and a lasting social impact that helps societies flourish.

We’ve created a Seed and Series A follow-on fund to fill in the funding gap African startups often experience after a pre-seed round. A later startup-stage investment ensures the startup is able to reach the scale and traction VCs are expecting.

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Our co-investment model empowers startups to attract additional investors under a shared risk equation.

The strategy of the Future Fund is to provide capital and global support to CeedCap Studio companies. We assess the startup’s management team development, product scalability and evidence of customer traction to measure strength and its ability to continue. 

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