A venture building assembly line for digital platform companies

CEEDCAP exists to deliver superior value to the venture industry by building and investing in vetted digital business models and transform them into well-run digital platform companies that have a proven path to profitability.

CeedCap's venture building process follows
a systematic execution of digital business models


We conduct comprehensive market research and extensive user research to create digital B2B2C platforms. We ideate and validate with anchor customers whose pain we are solving. 


We recruit founders with equal passion for the mission to drive the new venture; we also provide early human and financial capital needed to achieve significant traction.


CeedCap provides management advisory support, follow-on funding, talent, and partnership sourcing to give the venture the best chance to succeed and reach independence.

We follow a thematic strategy
for investing in founders of digital platforms

Transaction Platforms

Also known as two-sided markets, multisided markets, or digital match-making firms. These platforms facilitate various forms of online buying and selling.

Innovation Platforms

Innovation platforms are ways to bring together different stakeholders to identify solutions to common problems or to achieve common goals.

Integration Platforms

Integration platforms are middle-market platforms that integrate different applications and services via SaaS model; or a combination of markets.

Investment Platforms

Investment platforms are companies that act as holding vehicles for other platform companies, or which invest in multiple platform businesses.